Sunday, October 19, 2008

Greetings, reader!

Greetings reader!

I started this blog just to blog about some fun stuff like music, songs, lyrics, movies, books and all the good stuff that's meant to be a unjustifiable monetary waste for both you and me! I mean, honestly now, my blog is never gonna get so popular as to generate even a penny so considering "time is money", any amount of time spent on it is a blatant waste of money! As for you, you won't be reading my new insights in Unified Theory of Quantum mechanics here any time soon, so its a waste of your time/money as well (yeah time=space=money, thats my financial theory of relativity).

But, you ARE here and you've reached this point of this post!! That means you've more money than you what can handle (or should). So I'd advise you to just transfer some of that to my account if you don't mind! I mean, since you are out to waste your money anyway, why not make it much more quick by doing it in a direct way! You will probably have much more satisfaction with the realization that you just wasted your time (and money) so much more efficiently!

Anyhow, laterzzzzzzzzz


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