Monday, November 24, 2008

4 Bizarre Kung Fu Panda movie plot holes comments

Honestly now, some parts of the plot really struck me as beyond any level of dumbness even for a cartoon movie!

(By the way, this is just for fun....I am also writing a more serious version in which I note some deep philosophical insights into Kungfu Panda movie....check it out here - Kungfu Panda movie hidden meaning, insights and aha moments)

Below are a few of the worst ones starting from least to most-

4) Why doesn't Shifu read the dragon scroll himself -
Ok, now Tai Lung is on his way to the temple and the Turtle guy has declared that Dragon Warrior is needed. Now thinking logically - since Tai Lung might arrive pretty soon, the best thing to do is to get the best available fighter (Shifu) to read the Dragon Scroll and be done with it! I mean, what is the point of trying to find and train someone who is second rated to begin with! But no, the good old fa-t Turtle guy will not do that! He'll pick up some useless panda and get Shifu, his students and villagers almost killed by Tai Lung in the process!

3) Why didn't Shifu teach the "nerve attack" to his students - Can anyone guess what the good students would be thinking after Tai Lung totally disabled them after his "He taught you well, but he didn't teach you everything"? Let me tell you - "Shifu you bastard, if you had taught us that nerve 'fu-king' attack move we'd have won already!". I mean why the heck Shifu wouldn't teach his students a crucial move that could mean the difference between life and death against an opponent as Tai Lung!

2) Why doesn't Shifu care about his students -
So he discovers that his students are missing, and what does he do? He takes the Panda to picnic! I mean wtf, shouldn't he be all worried that all of them are suddenly missing? Or did the students have the bad habit of occasionally disappearing from the school so this was nothing new? On a serious note though, what if they were abducted or got hurt or were in need of help because of some catastrophe? They might as well be lying in pain, waiting for their master to come rescue; but no, the good master is busy playing "who gets to eat the dumpling" with Panda!

1) Why don't Shifu and his students gang up on Tai Lung -
Now this is a big one! Why the hell Shifu stay alone to fight Tai Lung? We know that his 5 students had already almost won against Tai Lung and the reason they lost was not the technique but a badly coordinated fight. We also know that Shifu can hold his own against Tai Lung for a while. Add Panda to it, who has been trained to Shifu's satisfaction! So if they just team up and attack Tai Lung together, they have some reasonable chance of winning, don't they! You might be thinking that who will save the poor villagers but here we are talking about Tai Lung remember? No matter how fast villagers run away, he can totally kill them after finishing off Shifu! Also, since the Dragon fu-king Scroll is missing, he most probably go after villagers trying to find it! So isn't it more logical to instead of facilitating villager's escape, just team up and plan a formidable tactical attack against Tai Lung together?


  1. 4. Shifu did not read it because Oogway told him Po was the chosen one. And Oogway, being a very powerful and spiritual turtle who invented Kung Fu, would not just pick Po for no reason. He KNEW Po was destined to be the chosen one. And Shifu, despite his doubts, tried to help Po as well.

    3. Mantis already knows the nerve attack, it's like his signature move. I can assume all of the students already know of the technique, but there are probably different strengths behind the nerve damage depending upon the user.

    2. Shifu is not the father, the students are not children. I can imagine they'd be gone for days every now and then, either training or enjoying a bit of me time. They can't be at the temple every single, or call him if they're not back in a day 0.o

    1. Tai Lung, the very same Snow Leopard that defeated 10,000 Rhinos and escaped. Shifu probably did not believe they could have defeated him even if they all ganged up on him. He stayed behind because he wanted to at least hold off Tai Lung for a while, until the Snow leopard realizes the Dragon scroll is empty and possibly take his anger out on the village people.

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