Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Emma movie parody transcript

Emma movie Gwyneth Paltrow
So I recently watched Emma! Yeah, the one with Gwyneth Paltrow playing the english smartass girl Emma based on Jane Austen's novel! Here's what it looked to me -


Harriet Smith (Toni Collette): Ms. Woodhouse, I think Mr. Robert Martin (Edward Woodall) loves me.

Emma Woodhouse (Gwyneth Paltrow): Don't even think about it, you gotta marry Mr. Elton (Alan Cumming).

Harriet Smith: But Mr. Martin proposed me for marriage and I love him too!

Emma Woodhouse: Nopes, your true love is Mr. Elton.

Harriet Smith: But does Mr. Elton love me?

Emma Woodhouse: Yeah, remember he said my painting was so good?

Harriet Smith: and that means he loves ME?

Emma Woodhouse: Totally!

Harriet Smith: Sounds good, I guess he'll send me a marriage proposal soon!

(Mr. Elton gets married to someone else)

Emma Woodhouse: Shit!

Harriet Smith:
Gwyneth Paltrow, I so hate you.


Harriet Smith: Mr. Martin still wants to marry me!

Emma Woodhouse: Harriet you will never learn will you! Your true love is Mr. Churchill (Ewan McGregor).

Harriet Smith: But does Mr. Churchill love me?

Emma Woodhouse: Yeah, remember he saved us from muggers once?

Harriet Smith: So THAT means he loves me?

Emma Woodhouse: Yep!

Harriet Smith: Ok, sounds good! I love Mr. Churchill then!

(Frank Churchill gets married to someone else)

Emma Woodhouse: Shit!

Harriet Smith:
Gwyneth Paltrow, I so hate you.


Harriet Smith: Ms. Woodhouse, I guess Mr. Knightley (Brian Capron) is in love with me!

Emma Woodhouse: Did he tell you that?

Harriet Smith: Umm...no..But I'm sure he loves me.

Emma Woodhouse: Did he send a letter or something?

Harriet Smith: Not he hasn't but he totally digs me!

Emma Woodhouse: So how the hell do you know that he loves you?

Harriet Smith: umm...you know, we danced once together in that party.

(Emma promptly marries Mr. Knightley)

Harriet Smith: Shit! Ms. Woodhouse you b-tch!!


Me: Jesus Christ! What the fu-k was that!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Must See Movies scheduled for release in 2009

I was just going through my movie iPhone app looking at upcoming movies and it seems like 2009 is gonna be lots of fun with some major much awaited sequels scheduled for release.....here's a skinny on the few that I'm totally dying to watch -

1) The Brazilian Job (release date - December 28 2008) : Looking at the cast seems almost like a mix of The Italian Job and Transporter. Yeah, it's got both Charlize Theron (Italian Job) and Jason Statham (Transporter) in it! Can't wait to see what it's gonna be!

2) Spider-Man 4 or Spiderman 4 for you fans :P (release date - December 28 2008) - Let's see what Spiderman is upto this time in this much deserved (seeing the performance of last three spiderman movies) sequel!

3) Sin City 2 (release date December 28 2008) - Yeah, this is the sequel to the trend setter Sin City 1 starring both Jessica Alba and Clive Oven! I think it's Sin City that kinda motivated or inspired movies like 300, creating a whole new genre! Can't wait to see the sequel to the original then!

4) Little Fockers (release date December 28 2008) - Does anyone remember Meet the Parents and the Fockers anymore? Fun movies they were, and now we have Little Fockers apparently set around the children raising skills of Greg (Ben Stiller) and Pam (Barbra Streisand) ! Little Fockers has the same casting - Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Barbra Streisand, Teri Polo, Ryan Carino. On the side note, is it just me being a perve or has anyone else also noticed that her name is spelled Bar
bra instead of Barbara, kinda like Bar-the-Bra, oh well

5) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (release date July 17 2009) - Yeah, Harry Potter movies keep getting darker and darker and the latest Potter sequel. The trailers look pretty awesome and seems the special effects have also hit a new level! Seems Vonldermort (the bad guy) is getting more and more dedicated to being a bad guy and this time Dumbledore is also stumped with Hogwart not the safe house that it used to be. Sh-t, why isn't it coming next week!

6) Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs aka Ice Age 3 (release date July 1 2009) - I haven't even watched Ice Age 2 (Meltdown or whatever it was refered to as) but I really liked Ice Age 1 as a fun movie that you can just relax and watch on cozy lazy sundays. So I think I'm gonna check out Ice Age 3 too (and ofcourse Ice Age 2 is also in pipeline).

7) Fast and Furious (release date June 12 2009) - I watched the Fast and Furious prequels pretty much in passing (yeah literally while getting ready for work and stuff) but the trailers for this Fast and Furious sequel have totally blown me away and with that type of action its freaking Vin-freaking-Diesel movie (yeah i know the prequels were too), its a must watch for me the coming year!

8) Superman: Man of Steel (release date June 1 2009) - Yaay!! Superman is back! I honestly hated those old Superman movies but Superman Returns totally brought a new life to the genre! Still I was a little bit disappointed because somehow the movie didn't feel "complete", so to say, it left me wanting for more. I hope the upcoming sequel Superman: Man of Steel fills that gap!

9) Terminator Salvation (release date May 22 2009) - I honestly don't know what this is going to be about after all the other Terminator movies we have seen! I mean the last Terminator movie looked like pretty much the end of the Terminator series with Skynet winning and John Connor becoming the One! That said, the last Terminator movie also looked like a bunch of cr-p or in other words it really didn't feel like a "Terminator" movie! So the Terminator Salvation is a welcome sequel and since we don't really know whats going to happen in it I'm all the mor excited about it!! And last but not the least, it's got Christian Bale in it, if there wasn't any other reason to watch it I'd have watched it just because its a Christian-freaking-Bale movie!!

10) Angels & Demons (release date May 15 2009) - Yeah its based on Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. A not-so-logical sequel to Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks and Naomi Watts. I'll be honest here though, at some levels I found that book to be a bit sick and horrifying. Yeah, I'm not into watching or reading about gory details of someone painfully and slowly dying (more so if they are Priests from Church). That said, I kinda feel that the movie adaptation would be better than the book because the story is fast paced and only a movie can do justice to all the elements that become a bit combursome in the book form. So, aside from the disgusting murder scenes, I'm totally looking forward to watching it!

11) X-Men Origins - Wolverine (release date May 1 2009) - Now this is a movie that could've made 2009 worthwhile! Why "could've"? Because for whatever reason, X-Men movies didn't turn out to be as satisfactory as they potential they had! They all kinda felt like broadway shows! Yeah funny, but I can't help saying it! Anyhow, what's special about this movie is that it focuses solely on Wolverine and I think that the whole X-men team fighting gang wars with bad-guy-mutant team simply couldn't do justice to Wolverine! Wolverine really needs a couple of movies dedicated to himself and honestly I feel that Wolverine is perhaps the only character in X-Men who deserves this. But that's debatable I'm sure. So, in my books, the Wolverine movie is really much more welcome then the X-Men team thingy movies that totally slaughtered his character earlier. Again, can't wait to watch it and praying to God that Gavin Hood has learned something from Darknight and Iron Man and implements it in X-Men Origins Wolverine and Hugh Jackman does well; if they manage that then X-Men Origins Wolverine might even overshadow Darknight itself!!

12 ) Watchmen (release date March 06 2009) - OMG! This is THE movie of 2009! Based on one of the best graphic novels ever "Watchmen" written by Alan Moore, this movie has the potential of surpassing anything that Darknight could have done! The Director of Watchmen is Zack Snyder of 300 fame and seeing his interviews and tralers and such it looks like he knows what he doing (or in other words understands what Watchmen is about). Can't really wait to watch it and in the anticipation, I'm working on a blog specifically dedicated to Watchmen movie and book (graphic novel) review

Monday, December 8, 2008

Kungfu Panda movie hidden meaning, insights, comments & aha moments

Kungfu Panda movie meaning hidden interpretation reviewSo, Kungfu Panda turned out to be one of the most meaningful movies of 2008! It came as a surprise though as the trailers made it look like those kids movies in which a panda called Po (representing an obese individual) would be supposed to act weird and embarrass himself to make little children laugh and cheer! Nothing wrong with that "Disney" types genre but I'm just not into that stuff (any more, that is!).

So, surprisingly Kungfu Panda totally blew me away more so with my severely low expectations from the Panda and brigade when I first sat down to watch it! Fortunately, I had the director's commentary turned on and I found myself playing some scenes over and again to review what he meant and how the thematic elements worked and what not! It was a really well made movie and the whole anime part not withstanding I ended up watching it 3-4 times! I even kinda wished that a real movie be made with the same concepts!

Anyhow, what I found really interesting is that Kungfu Panda is so full of seemingly inconsequential but immensely philosophical insights and life lessons. It's not just the story of some fat Panda who became a Kungfu master, rather in Kungfu Panda's plot, each character has his own story and the movie is about how their lives are intertwined with each other (remember Crash!)...Below are some of those philosophical insights, meanings and Aha moments in Kungfu Panda that I found really interesting (thanks in part to the director's commentary too or else I would have missed many of these) -

1) Why does Oogway (Randall Duk Kim) decide to die just when he is needed most (to fight Tai Lung) -

Kungfu Panda movie meaning hidden interpretation reviewThis was honestly a very puzzling thing in the movie for me. Doesn't it make sense for Oogway to actually stick around till Tai Lung has been taken care of? It's like one of those things where we shrug and say "it works for the plot" - Kill the master Oogway so that the prodigal son / Panda (Po) can save the day!

But after listening to the commentary I realized that Oogway chooses that time to depart deliberately to help Shifu's spiritual development. If you look at the movie closely, Shifu is skilled in martial arts but lacks the qualities of a true master (that Oogway is); his personality is more blunt and full of psychological flaws, he lacks patience (Oogway blowing the candles scene), can't control his emotions (anger), is not humble, severely lacks empathy, and is highly presumptuous.

Further, Shifu relies too much on Oogway, case in point - Tai Lung; Shifu knows that master Oogway can save the day by beating Tai Lung this time too so Shifu just doesn't try to train Panda. Oogway knows that he is not allowing Shifu to grow spiritually by acting as Shifu's crutch. As long as Shifu has this Oogway's safety net he can't grow. So, Oogway decides to get out of his way at that particular moment as that will push Shifu to learn to stand on his own feet. And before departing, Oogway makes Shifu promise that he will have faith in Po, thereby making him committed to Po's training because Oogway knows that it won't just be Po who learns his lessons from this training!

2) Why doesn't Shifu's super-hearing doesn't work when Po is breaking/entering the kitchen

Kungfu Panda movie meaning hidden interpretation reviewShifu super-hears the noise that Po is making but instead of heading to the kitchen where the sounds are coming from, he looks at the battle-room first! Why though? Doesn't Shifu have super-hearing and being a kungfu grandmaster can't he even locate the source of the sounds? As a matter of fact, he can as we notice the very first time when he accurately determines the direction of snake's attack while sparring with the famous five.

What is significant in this case is the fact that he looks in the battle room first because the sounds seem to be that of someone practicing Kungfu! This shows that Shifu is presumptuous about how things are supposed to happen and for him the only place where kungfu can be practiced is the battle room! He is so lost in his presumptions that Shifu can't even imagine that Kungfu can happen in the kitchen too!

And this is the "aha moment" here - Shifu has the epiphany that in Po's case the best place to learn Kungfu is kitchen and not battle room! Teaching will need to be adjusted to the individual's needs and aptitude! This also paves the way for Shifu to become less presumptuous about the world around him and learn to adapt and adjust to new things!

3) Po is a natural Kungfu master

Kungfu Panda movie meaning hidden interpretation reviewThis is another thing that is not readily apparent in between all the humor and distractions. Po is natural at Kungfu and as it happens he doesn't even need to learn anything special, all he needs is the realization that he already got it all! If you look closely, Po seemed to have learned splits just by watching the Tigress do it and that becomes significant when you take Shifu's comment regarding how it takes years to learn to do a perfect split, into account! Another example would be the way Po learns the Wuxi Finger Hold technique. This technique is supposed to be more of a mental energy or "ki" / "chi" attack variety and therefore not something (like splits) that an astute student can pick up by observing someone do it. But Po does seem to be able to figure Wuxi Finger Hold technique out just by watching Shifu execute it once on Po himself!

This also adds to the fact that Po is virtually indestructible (so to say!), he can keep on taking an incredible amount of beating forever! Even someone like a really pissed Tai Lung doesn't seem to be able to keep him down! Further, Po demonstrates yet another level of invulnerability in the acupuncture scene where Mantis has apparently stopped his heart but Po still doesn't die! So Po is someone who is almost invulnerable and who learns complex Kungfu moves just by watching someone do them! He is a natural Kungfu master and just needs some little direction.

4) Both Po and Shifu learn through Po's training

Kungfu Panda movie meaning hidden interpretation reviewI guess this is pretty much the central theme of the movie - Both Po and Shifu are waiting to realize their true destinies and both need some help. Shifu is waiting to achieve Oogway's level of spirituality but he is stuck in his own little world - guilty, bitter, presumptuous and simply an unhappy human being (or mouse if you may). Po is waiting to realize his dream to become a true Kungfu master but he lacks the true understanding of what being a true Kungfu master is really about.

Oogway understands both Shifu's and Po's needs perfectly and knows that making Shifu commit to train Po will help both of them realize their destinies. Po would obviously uncover his natural talent at Kungfu but what Shifu gets out of it is more subtle - The more obvious thing is that Shifu learns to have more patience, to change his teaching methods and stuff. But the "aha" thing here is that Po acts as a way for Shifu to correct his old error with Tai Lung! Successfully training Po to become the dragon warrior would cure Shifu of all the guilt and bitterness that resulted from his failure with Tai Lung. This is the biggest thing that has been blocking Shifu's spiritual development and once he has corrected the Tai Lung mistake, he is on his way to get closer to Oogway's level of spirituality.

5) How does Po defeat Tai Lung anyway?

Kungfu Panda movie meaning hidden interpretation reviewThis is another one of those confusing things that don't seem to make sense. I mean, Po is definitely not better than Shifu (or at least it seems to be the case) and Shifu is not better than Tai Lung (anymore) so it follows that Tai Lung can easily beat Po! But Po has nothing short of a spectacular victory, how?

I guess besides the obvious Dragon Scroll understanding thing, there are many other subtle hints laid out (and emphasized upon in Director's commentary) - For one thing, we already know that Po is invulnerable. He has taken beating from five masters, Shifu, battle room, stairs and what not without a scratch and so he can take beating from Tai Lung as well! That part makes sense, now as far as his skills to actually beat up Tai Lung with the classic Kungfuing, that starts making sense once we realize that Po doesn't fight Tai Lung on Tai Lung's terms! Instead, Po uses his environment, his body and his weight and other attributes unique to him to win. Examples are Po stepping on Tai Lung's toes (using his Panda weight), rebounding like a rubber doll to hit back (using his Panda thicker skin and fur) and stuff like that.

Another interesting thing is that almost all of Po vs Tai Lung fight is basically a fight between opposites in different ways. Tai Lung hits hard, shows aggression, attacks, aims to hurt; while Po doesn't hit, tackles aggression humor, defends and aims to protect Dragon Scroll instead of hurting Tai Lung. Later on they switch the roles and Tai Lung is on defensive while Po attacks. But the thing to notice is that the fight shows that you can't fight fire with fire! Po can't just stand at one place and go kungfueey on Tai Lung. The only way to fight fire is by water; the only way to fight the "hard" Tai Lung is to be "soft" Po!

He fights like a Panda, so to say and not like a Lion! Had he fought like Tigress or Shifu though, he'd have most certainly lost because that way he'd not using what he's got to the fullest extent but when fighting like himself (a panda) he is invincible! That's the whole point of Dragon Scroll too - you have to be yourself and believe in what you've got to win.

6) Why doesn't shifu himself become the Dragon Warrior?

Kungfu Panda movie meaning hidden interpretation reviewI guess this one is easy now that we know what all things Shifu sucks at! Basically, Shifu is not enlightened enough to deserve the Dragon Scroll, he is ridden with doubts, uncertainty, silly assumptions, guilt and what not. The whole point of Dragon Scroll is to have faith in oneself and with all the psychological scarring that Shifu sports, he is clearly ineligible just as Tai Lung is. This also brings another interesting observation - Shifu is nothing more than a more obedient version of Tai Lung! If you observe closely, you will notice that they both share similar attitudes and emotional issues. It wouldn't be too much to think that it's Shifu who is actually responsible for making Tai Lung that evil and Shifu actually says something to that effect after getting beaten up by Tai Lung.

7) Kungfu, no Kungfu; Noodles, no noodles

Kungfu Panda movie meaning hidden interpretation reviewThis is another gotcha where Oogway says expresses the solution to Po's real problem with a simple saying! Po's real issue is not that he needs to learn Kungfu or lose weight or develop this or that skill. He is a Panda and by Panda's standards he is not overweight and he is natural at Kungfu so learning Kungfu (given the right training techniques) is non-issue as well. Po's real problem is his disconnected view of the world. In his mind, one can either be a big fat Panda or a Kungfu master, one can either be a Kungfu master or run a Noodle shop; and so on. The main source of his happiness in this view is something that is external to his being - he would become happy if he is a Kungfu master and sad if he becomes a noodle store owner etc.

The realization that he needs to be himself first and disassociate his sense of happiness from the world around him is what he really needs and Oogway tells him exactly that! To rephrase Oogway's saying - "Kung, no kungfu; Noodles, no Noodles. These things are just out of your control. Learn to do what you can today and realize that lasting happiness comes from within and not from outside. That way, you will be happy and content whether you are Dragon Warrior or Noodle store owner."

Oh well, I guess I'm getting ahead of myself with all this philosophy. Let me stop it right here before I accidentally convince myself to move to China and master Wuxi finger hold myself to stop the impending Alien attack! Thanks for making it so far, and since you really have read it I'd appreciate your comments....so click on the comments and speak your mind!

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Wall-E movie interpretation & hidden meaning

Wall-E movie hidden meaning interpretation adam eveSo, Wall-E pretty much topped the charts for 2008! I, to be honest, was starting to get annoyed by all the "whirring" sounds and the dim possibility of the plot being about two robots falling in love on a dead planet but soon it became quite interesting. Towards, the end I started to feel that its almost like retelling the story of Bible! Yeah, curious isn't it! Let me elaborate on some of the references that occurred to me further -

Human's perspective -

1) Adam & Eve (mankind basically) in heavens - All of the mankind is in Axiom now that represents heavens. Yeah, pretty close to heavens with all the good stuff in it.

2) God's warning against the forbidden apple (the plant) - The president of USA (I guess) warned humans to not come back even if the forbidden fruit is found.

3) Wall-E as the evil snake - Wall-E does everything in its power to get the mankind to taste the apple (plant).

4) Mankind ignores God as well - the Captain of the ship just doesn't listen to the auto steering wheel (the word of God) and gets the forbidden apple

5) Mankind falls from heavens to Earth - Axiom hyperdrives to Earth and mankind has finally fallen to Earth to start living a harsh life in a harsh world.
Wall-E movie hidden meaning interpretation adam eve

Wall E as Jesus

1) The son of God - Wall E is originally created by the early humans (God per say) living in heavens (earth for him).

2) Jesus (Wall-E) descends to earth (axiom is earth to him) to save gluttonous and rotting mankind

3) Jesus does miracles - Wall-E make friends with people, helps them in various ways

4) Jesus on Cross - The way Wall-E is crushed is an obvious reference to the cross. He soon dies as well.

5) Jesus the savior and Rebirth of Jesus - Wall-E dies for the sins of humans (the sinner/guy telling people to not come back) and helps the mankind get back to their true place of being (earth) again.

Wall-E's perspective -

1) Adam & Eve - Adam (Wall-E) is hanging out by himself in the garden of Eden (earth) all alone and God (Axiom's computer - Buy n Large ship) sends over Eve.

2) The plant - The little plant represents the forbidden apple. Finding it (by Eve, as Adam doesn't seem to care as in Bible) implies sin (by Axiom's computer's standards at least).

3) Adam & Eve falling from heavens - Once Eve has located the forbidden apple (the plant), both Adam and Eve fall off to earth (for Robots a mechanical spaceship - Axiom)

4) Struggle and eventual rebirth / ascension back to heavens - Adam (Wall E) and Eve have to go through a lot on earth (axiom) and after a lot of struggle they finally ascend back to heavens (earth).

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6 Quantum of Solace (James Bond in general) fun comments

Some fun questions and comments that occurred to me when watching the movie (third time, yeah I liked it quite a bit)..

Quantum of Solace review1) When does James Bond charge his cell phone? - Just think about it, he travels across continents without any luggage, clothes, bathing essentials and the like so obviously he doesn't carry the phone's charger (yeah that's just a Sony Ericsson model). So how does he charge the cell phone? This becomes more important since he uses it extensively for GPS, Fake calls and what not that must drain the batteries pretty easily!

Quantum of Solace review2) Olga has lordosis - For those of you don't know, lordosis is basically the name of a bad posture in which the person has a bit too much arch in his/her lower back. Just look at the pic on the side and you'll know what I mean! And our good Olga is constantly walking around like that except in the scene in the end when she is done with her revenge and ready to go sleep. Probably the lordosis was the result of her revengefulness or something.....or......may be she just has a huge butt....but hey I got nothing against that!!
Quantum of Solace review3) James Bond's got the best job ever - This is my favorite beyond any doubt! I mean, Bond has got such a dream job in which
  1. he naver has to listen to his bosses, not even once!
  2. his wild romps in the bed with ultra hot chicks on all job assignments are virtually guaranteed
  3. he gets an expense account bigger than the GDP of a small country
  4. he gets to play with all sorts of cool gadgets
  5. he is allowed to commit all possible crimes from pickpocketing to murder without worrying about the law!
I'd totally love to start as 007 only if they take away the getting-almost-killed-every-few-minutes part away!

Quantum of Solace review
4) What does M (Judi Dench) do? - I could never really understand what M does! She seems to hobble around here and there all the time but she doesn't really seem to do anything! Its the James Bond who investigates, deduces, plans, executes and in general executes all steps needed to kick the bad guys butt, I mean he does all that is needed to be done without any help whatsoever from M and the most M occasionally does is to get in his way. Well I think I know the answer to this one! Just like all other bosses out there, M has an extremely important component of the job - M "resports" to her superiors once Bond has saved the day!

Quantum of Solace review5) Why did they send agent "Fields" to arrest James - Why send someone who just moves papers around to bring your most dangerous agent in? It just doesn't make sense! What if Bond really has joined the bad guys or is on his own personal mission that's not good for our good guys and refuses to come? If such a highly trained killing maching is running amok and every passing moment there is more and more danger of him turning against good guys then would you just send some little pretty girl to bring him in?

Quantum of Solace review6) "Get In" - Yeah this has to be the biggest joke of all Bond movies out there! Obviously the Olga Saying "get in" is suggestive and Bond's "Excuse me" followed by "Okay" don't help much; but the joke lies in the fact that Bond never "gets in".....remember that Bond ceremenously "gets in" towards the end of all other Bond movies but in this movie Olga implores him to "get in"...twice....but it never happens....well, just wasn't meant to be I guess.....

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Quantum of Solace review. Comparison with other Bond movies. Daniel Craig's & Olga Kurylenko's characters

Quantum of Solace - First things first, Daniel Craig is the best James Bond 007 ever! Pierce Brosnan was probably the worst choice as he simply lacked the charm that someone like James Bond must have! Others - George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Sean Connery - were alright but none of them have that kind of cold ruthlessness that Daniel Craig possesses. This applies even more to the recent bond movies that darker and serious and portray him as a more of a brooding self-introspective character in comparison to the earlier movies in which Bond used to be a combination of an accomplished male gigolo and Inspector Gadget!

Now back to the post - the first time I viewed Quantum of Solace, it totally kept me on the edge of the seat from start to end but for whatever reason I felt like it ended a bit too abruptly after working me up (like you spend an hour in foreplay and then don't last ten minutes in the "main course"). But the next viewing totally opened my eyes to the excellent movie Quantum of Solace really turns out to be! I mean, I totally loved
Casino Royale but Quantum of Solace takes the "James Bond Begins" thing to a totally different level! I guess Quantum of Solace is to Casino Royale what Darknight is to Batman Begins, the only main thing differing that Darknight has a slow brooding climax that lets the viewer to sit back and think about it all while he waits for the credits to come but Quantum of Solace has a very abrupt ending and kinda leaves the viewer wanting more....

That said, there is one big things that I found a bit annoying was the whole "shaking camera" action going on throughout the movie. Honestly, I feel that action scenes go much better with a steady camera where the user can understand exactly what is going on; but if the camera moves so much then it just becomes chaotic and difficult to view. That might just be me though as other viewers might find more chaotic fight and car chases scenes but I really want to understand and then appreciate the details of how he avoided hitting the truck and how he beat those five guys while handcuffed and so on.
Casino Royale shows the very first chase sequence with a steady camera and so does Bourne Identity (the fight scene where Bourne fights some secret agent in his apartment). Quantum of Solace has a better idea for the initial chase sequence and Bourne Identity sequels have more fighting scenes but the both introduced this camera shaking thing increasing the perceived chaoticness at the expense of viewing experience and understandability.

The movie totally rocks in other areas though, Bond is starting to look like a great guy who is sensible, fun and caring rather than a chauvinistic gigolo that the earlier movies made him out to be. Bond lacks gadgets but honestly most of the gadgets were too idiotic to appear in fiction or real life anyways, case in point - Fake Nipple and Electro-Magnetic RPM Controller gadgets (although I can totally use the RPM controller thingee every once in a while to pay some bills) - I'd rather prefer Bond to solve problems with his ingenuity and skills rather than some convenient gizmo. So basically both Casino Royale & Quantum of Solace portray Bond as a normal human being, albeit a highly intelligent and skilled one, living in a real world and not some gadget infested alien world where villains flee in flying cars and all cars come fitted with ejection seats!

Another good thing about Quantum of Solace was that it
doesn't end with Bond in bed with Olga
Kurylenko (Camille Rivera Montes, if you may). Honestly though, I was kinda hoping it to happen and I guess that was also the reason why I found the ending a bit abrupt, but at the same time it was refreshing to see a new ending with an unnecessary bit of Bond's gigolo bit taken out. Olga's (Camille's) romp in the bed would also have utterly destroyed her character too and obviously a "final" romp in the bed scene never really fitted was always disruptive to the overall story in all bond movies.

What I mean to say is that other then the fact that such end doesn't contribute to the overall experience, it also destroys whatever character development done in the movie. For example, Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh) in Tomorrow Never Dies came across as a serious and independent girl not giving into Bond's attempts at getting her to bed and that was one of the major things that stood out in the movie; but you know what happens in the end - as soon as the villains have been dispatched and its the time for the movie to end, she turns into this horny chick ready to get down and dirty with Bond. Does it make sense? To me, not at all and thats why I think that the Quantum of Solace does very well to exclude Camille's (Olga's) character's degradation by giving into her carnal desires with Bond as soon as she is done avenging her family's murder! Further, the movie all the better by not letting Bond trying to seduce Camille in any way whatsoever. Some sexual exploration with Ms. Fields (Gemma Arterton) is warranted (afterall Bond is not gonna jerk off to satisfy himself, will he!) and the whole sequence is much more fun ("...can't find the stationary..." and "...you must be furious..." bits for example) than the earlier Bond movies.

So, I have to say that the ending, though abrupt and lacking the usual Bond girl giving into Bond's seduction element, did come as fresh and meaningful - more so with Bond dropping Vesper Lynd's (Eva Green) necklace and the final dialogue with M - "I never left"!