Saturday, December 6, 2008

6 Quantum of Solace (James Bond in general) fun comments

Some fun questions and comments that occurred to me when watching the movie (third time, yeah I liked it quite a bit)..

Quantum of Solace review1) When does James Bond charge his cell phone? - Just think about it, he travels across continents without any luggage, clothes, bathing essentials and the like so obviously he doesn't carry the phone's charger (yeah that's just a Sony Ericsson model). So how does he charge the cell phone? This becomes more important since he uses it extensively for GPS, Fake calls and what not that must drain the batteries pretty easily!

Quantum of Solace review2) Olga has lordosis - For those of you don't know, lordosis is basically the name of a bad posture in which the person has a bit too much arch in his/her lower back. Just look at the pic on the side and you'll know what I mean! And our good Olga is constantly walking around like that except in the scene in the end when she is done with her revenge and ready to go sleep. Probably the lordosis was the result of her revengefulness or something.....or......may be she just has a huge butt....but hey I got nothing against that!!
Quantum of Solace review3) James Bond's got the best job ever - This is my favorite beyond any doubt! I mean, Bond has got such a dream job in which
  1. he naver has to listen to his bosses, not even once!
  2. his wild romps in the bed with ultra hot chicks on all job assignments are virtually guaranteed
  3. he gets an expense account bigger than the GDP of a small country
  4. he gets to play with all sorts of cool gadgets
  5. he is allowed to commit all possible crimes from pickpocketing to murder without worrying about the law!
I'd totally love to start as 007 only if they take away the getting-almost-killed-every-few-minutes part away!

Quantum of Solace review
4) What does M (Judi Dench) do? - I could never really understand what M does! She seems to hobble around here and there all the time but she doesn't really seem to do anything! Its the James Bond who investigates, deduces, plans, executes and in general executes all steps needed to kick the bad guys butt, I mean he does all that is needed to be done without any help whatsoever from M and the most M occasionally does is to get in his way. Well I think I know the answer to this one! Just like all other bosses out there, M has an extremely important component of the job - M "resports" to her superiors once Bond has saved the day!

Quantum of Solace review5) Why did they send agent "Fields" to arrest James - Why send someone who just moves papers around to bring your most dangerous agent in? It just doesn't make sense! What if Bond really has joined the bad guys or is on his own personal mission that's not good for our good guys and refuses to come? If such a highly trained killing maching is running amok and every passing moment there is more and more danger of him turning against good guys then would you just send some little pretty girl to bring him in?

Quantum of Solace review6) "Get In" - Yeah this has to be the biggest joke of all Bond movies out there! Obviously the Olga Saying "get in" is suggestive and Bond's "Excuse me" followed by "Okay" don't help much; but the joke lies in the fact that Bond never "gets in".....remember that Bond ceremenously "gets in" towards the end of all other Bond movies but in this movie Olga implores him to "get in"...twice....but it never happens....well, just wasn't meant to be I guess.....

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