Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Must See Movies scheduled for release in 2009

I was just going through my movie iPhone app looking at upcoming movies and it seems like 2009 is gonna be lots of fun with some major much awaited sequels scheduled for's a skinny on the few that I'm totally dying to watch -

1) The Brazilian Job (release date - December 28 2008) : Looking at the cast seems almost like a mix of The Italian Job and Transporter. Yeah, it's got both Charlize Theron (Italian Job) and Jason Statham (Transporter) in it! Can't wait to see what it's gonna be!

2) Spider-Man 4 or Spiderman 4 for you fans :P (release date - December 28 2008) - Let's see what Spiderman is upto this time in this much deserved (seeing the performance of last three spiderman movies) sequel!

3) Sin City 2 (release date December 28 2008) - Yeah, this is the sequel to the trend setter Sin City 1 starring both Jessica Alba and Clive Oven! I think it's Sin City that kinda motivated or inspired movies like 300, creating a whole new genre! Can't wait to see the sequel to the original then!

4) Little Fockers (release date December 28 2008) - Does anyone remember Meet the Parents and the Fockers anymore? Fun movies they were, and now we have Little Fockers apparently set around the children raising skills of Greg (Ben Stiller) and Pam (Barbra Streisand) ! Little Fockers has the same casting - Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Barbra Streisand, Teri Polo, Ryan Carino. On the side note, is it just me being a perve or has anyone else also noticed that her name is spelled Bar
bra instead of Barbara, kinda like Bar-the-Bra, oh well

5) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (release date July 17 2009) - Yeah, Harry Potter movies keep getting darker and darker and the latest Potter sequel. The trailers look pretty awesome and seems the special effects have also hit a new level! Seems Vonldermort (the bad guy) is getting more and more dedicated to being a bad guy and this time Dumbledore is also stumped with Hogwart not the safe house that it used to be. Sh-t, why isn't it coming next week!

6) Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs aka Ice Age 3 (release date July 1 2009) - I haven't even watched Ice Age 2 (Meltdown or whatever it was refered to as) but I really liked Ice Age 1 as a fun movie that you can just relax and watch on cozy lazy sundays. So I think I'm gonna check out Ice Age 3 too (and ofcourse Ice Age 2 is also in pipeline).

7) Fast and Furious (release date June 12 2009) - I watched the Fast and Furious prequels pretty much in passing (yeah literally while getting ready for work and stuff) but the trailers for this Fast and Furious sequel have totally blown me away and with that type of action its freaking Vin-freaking-Diesel movie (yeah i know the prequels were too), its a must watch for me the coming year!

8) Superman: Man of Steel (release date June 1 2009) - Yaay!! Superman is back! I honestly hated those old Superman movies but Superman Returns totally brought a new life to the genre! Still I was a little bit disappointed because somehow the movie didn't feel "complete", so to say, it left me wanting for more. I hope the upcoming sequel Superman: Man of Steel fills that gap!

9) Terminator Salvation (release date May 22 2009) - I honestly don't know what this is going to be about after all the other Terminator movies we have seen! I mean the last Terminator movie looked like pretty much the end of the Terminator series with Skynet winning and John Connor becoming the One! That said, the last Terminator movie also looked like a bunch of cr-p or in other words it really didn't feel like a "Terminator" movie! So the Terminator Salvation is a welcome sequel and since we don't really know whats going to happen in it I'm all the mor excited about it!! And last but not the least, it's got Christian Bale in it, if there wasn't any other reason to watch it I'd have watched it just because its a Christian-freaking-Bale movie!!

10) Angels & Demons (release date May 15 2009) - Yeah its based on Dan Brown's Angels & Demons. A not-so-logical sequel to Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks and Naomi Watts. I'll be honest here though, at some levels I found that book to be a bit sick and horrifying. Yeah, I'm not into watching or reading about gory details of someone painfully and slowly dying (more so if they are Priests from Church). That said, I kinda feel that the movie adaptation would be better than the book because the story is fast paced and only a movie can do justice to all the elements that become a bit combursome in the book form. So, aside from the disgusting murder scenes, I'm totally looking forward to watching it!

11) X-Men Origins - Wolverine (release date May 1 2009) - Now this is a movie that could've made 2009 worthwhile! Why "could've"? Because for whatever reason, X-Men movies didn't turn out to be as satisfactory as they potential they had! They all kinda felt like broadway shows! Yeah funny, but I can't help saying it! Anyhow, what's special about this movie is that it focuses solely on Wolverine and I think that the whole X-men team fighting gang wars with bad-guy-mutant team simply couldn't do justice to Wolverine! Wolverine really needs a couple of movies dedicated to himself and honestly I feel that Wolverine is perhaps the only character in X-Men who deserves this. But that's debatable I'm sure. So, in my books, the Wolverine movie is really much more welcome then the X-Men team thingy movies that totally slaughtered his character earlier. Again, can't wait to watch it and praying to God that Gavin Hood has learned something from Darknight and Iron Man and implements it in X-Men Origins Wolverine and Hugh Jackman does well; if they manage that then X-Men Origins Wolverine might even overshadow Darknight itself!!

12 ) Watchmen (release date March 06 2009) - OMG! This is THE movie of 2009! Based on one of the best graphic novels ever "Watchmen" written by Alan Moore, this movie has the potential of surpassing anything that Darknight could have done! The Director of Watchmen is Zack Snyder of 300 fame and seeing his interviews and tralers and such it looks like he knows what he doing (or in other words understands what Watchmen is about). Can't really wait to watch it and in the anticipation, I'm working on a blog specifically dedicated to Watchmen movie and book (graphic novel) review

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