Monday, December 8, 2008

Wall-E movie interpretation & hidden meaning

Wall-E movie hidden meaning interpretation adam eveSo, Wall-E pretty much topped the charts for 2008! I, to be honest, was starting to get annoyed by all the "whirring" sounds and the dim possibility of the plot being about two robots falling in love on a dead planet but soon it became quite interesting. Towards, the end I started to feel that its almost like retelling the story of Bible! Yeah, curious isn't it! Let me elaborate on some of the references that occurred to me further -

Human's perspective -

1) Adam & Eve (mankind basically) in heavens - All of the mankind is in Axiom now that represents heavens. Yeah, pretty close to heavens with all the good stuff in it.

2) God's warning against the forbidden apple (the plant) - The president of USA (I guess) warned humans to not come back even if the forbidden fruit is found.

3) Wall-E as the evil snake - Wall-E does everything in its power to get the mankind to taste the apple (plant).

4) Mankind ignores God as well - the Captain of the ship just doesn't listen to the auto steering wheel (the word of God) and gets the forbidden apple

5) Mankind falls from heavens to Earth - Axiom hyperdrives to Earth and mankind has finally fallen to Earth to start living a harsh life in a harsh world.
Wall-E movie hidden meaning interpretation adam eve

Wall E as Jesus

1) The son of God - Wall E is originally created by the early humans (God per say) living in heavens (earth for him).

2) Jesus (Wall-E) descends to earth (axiom is earth to him) to save gluttonous and rotting mankind

3) Jesus does miracles - Wall-E make friends with people, helps them in various ways

4) Jesus on Cross - The way Wall-E is crushed is an obvious reference to the cross. He soon dies as well.

5) Jesus the savior and Rebirth of Jesus - Wall-E dies for the sins of humans (the sinner/guy telling people to not come back) and helps the mankind get back to their true place of being (earth) again.

Wall-E's perspective -

1) Adam & Eve - Adam (Wall-E) is hanging out by himself in the garden of Eden (earth) all alone and God (Axiom's computer - Buy n Large ship) sends over Eve.

2) The plant - The little plant represents the forbidden apple. Finding it (by Eve, as Adam doesn't seem to care as in Bible) implies sin (by Axiom's computer's standards at least).

3) Adam & Eve falling from heavens - Once Eve has located the forbidden apple (the plant), both Adam and Eve fall off to earth (for Robots a mechanical spaceship - Axiom)

4) Struggle and eventual rebirth / ascension back to heavens - Adam (Wall E) and Eve have to go through a lot on earth (axiom) and after a lot of struggle they finally ascend back to heavens (earth).

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  1. I think at some point in time, EVE becomes "pregnant" as is shown by the plant being put into her belly (area). In the scene where it shows that she has a "foreign contaminant", its shows her lower region (you can figure out what I mean) is contaminated, implying that maybe she and WALL-E had a little "fun" so to speak. Later, she loses the plant maybe signifying she lost the "baby". Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but oh well. I know there was way more to the movie than what meets the eye.

  2. @Anonymous - Actually, thats a very interesting way of looking at it because now when I think of it, it kinda relates to the current day societies and families in general! Following your line of thinking, it's like the separation of Wall-E and EVE after the coming of Baby (plant) is what seems to happen in many families - many couples tend to break up (or become more distant) with the coming of the child. It's like a whole new aspect of relationship after that point. But they gotta try and get through all the hurdles and make it happen for the sake of the baby. The child might signify future generation here that Wall-E and Eve finally "saved" by sticking together after the initial "issues"! Funny, how much can we see into the simple movie if we think that way!

  3. Manoj Bhatty:

    I totally agree! I've come to think that very few things on TV or the big scree is totally innocent. Btw, this is the same anonymous from before. =)

  4. No kidding! I've come to realize too that a lot of thought has been put into the quality material out's like several "layers" are hidden behind the most obvious front!

    By the way, wishing you a healthy and fruitful 2009!!

  5. Same to you, Manoj Bhatty! =)

  6. This has to be the most pessimistic, negative interpretation of this film I could have ever dreamed up. It boggles my mind that you are writing for a site entitled "" and yet could be so amazingly far off from what this movie is actually trying to say.

    You may be right on a few small points but overall your interpretation is extremely callous and overlooks so many nuances of the film that frankly this "movie insight"- well it disgusts me.

    Here let me explain-

    Human's perspective:

    1) There's an obvious irony in the fact that Wall-E is in fact the most human character in the film. He loves. He gives unconditionally to everyone. Whether it be something as simple as compacting trash to minimize the space taken up by human waste or how he treats Eve from the moment he meets her, he is likely more human than most people on this Earth today and he's a robot. He likes to show people things. To introduce himself with a handshake. He values life and he shows it by his relentless pursuit to save the plant(in a boot I might add which suggests start walking again) and cares about the future of humanity.

    2. The small thing you got right... He is like Jesus and this very much a biblical story. He is willing to die for the "directive". He climbs a spaceship for Eve and goes into outer space. He puts himself in harms way to save others and the plant time and time again. And at the end of the film he is crushed, rendering him with no memory for a short time (until Eve puts him back together), and he did it all so that these stupid obese humans could go back to Earth.

    3. Now I like your whole little forbidden fruit thing but not because this plant is evil you dimwit, but because the Apple is a reference to the Apple computer. Steve Jobs started Pixar and Wall-E wakes up each morning to sunlight and the chime of the macintosh(paying homage to Mr. Jobs? I think so.)

    4. Overall, the movie is a masterful depiction of what is wrong in American society today and the sad direction that our increasingly sedentary lives (result of computers and television) is leading to our destruction. We hardly do anything for ourselves anymore. We simply sit at our computers and could in a very real sense spend the rest of our lives there already. Doing work while getting a foot massage and listening to music ordering our groceries from Paying our bills over the internet. Watching programs in the evening and if we kept our refrigerator and microwave close by- well then why even move at all except on your rolly-polly desk chair to collect groceries and mail from the door and move our food from the fridge to microwave to our mouth.

    5. And so we come to the greatest irony of them all. V. Bad number. It is a film which gives the viewer a perspective of just how much the evolution of computer technology has shifted the paradigm on this Earth. If we can not get past computers somewhat muted value and truly enjoy what God has given us- a beautiful Earth filled with lush green grass and clear blue sky and oceans and birds and delicious fruits and rivers and trees and mountains and snow and dancing and laughter and real personal interaction/human contact then we are in fact doomed to become the disgusting people depicted in the film. Reduced to big fat babies that suck down milkshakes in the lazy-boy chairs while they talk to everyone via television screen(six inches away from their face) zooming around with no free will being informed when breakfast lunch and dinner are by the all powerful, similarly portrayed, evil all-seeing-eye named Auto.

  7. And thats just it. The greatest irony of the entire film and of our current state of civilization. It is this self-realization that Mr. Jobs may have had as he watched the home computer develop over the years into this thing that has begun to control, if not dominate human society and new cultural norms. It was likely his greatest fear as well. And thus he artfully created pixar after he was fired from Apple as an outlet to express what he truly valued above the computer. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    And the whole self-aware robotic thing... well its not that far off. And the destruction of our planet... well thats not too far off either if we keep treating it like are right now.

    To be honest. Overall after I read this review I was pitied by your ignorance, your weak prose, and your sadly diminutive interpretation of what is likely one of the greatest social commentary movies of the decade.

    And just fyi. I've seen the movie twice and I'm not some like Wall-E buff with some stupid fan page nor do I keep posters of E.T. on my wall. E?

    I'm just a smart guy who decided that your stupid perspective on this film should be revealed and just how pathetic it really is.

    All the best.



    P.S. your name tells me something about your desire to make a somewhat anti-christian post. And just so you also know- I'm Episcopalian and I accept Jesus as my lord and savior.

    Cheers brotha!

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I'm a christian myself and studying theology at the moment. Personally I think you've misinterpreted the movie, looking for a message that isn't there (Please don't stop reading now) I believe in the biblical story but I just don't see it in WALL-E. Yes there are certain christian values such as sacrificial love, stewardship and the danger of a consumerist economic systems etc. but there is no representation of the garden of eden, the snake, or Adam or Eve (EVE stands for Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator).

      But I guess you are allowed to see it from your worldview and perspective. We cannot stop you from interpreting the movie as you want, that is the essence of interpretation. My main concern however is your attitude in response to other bloggers.

      Christians are called to love and listen to their neighbors, despite differences of opinions. I don't like the way you use our Lord's name at the end of your comment (unless you are actually named Jesus, in which case I apologize for my misunderstanding) and I don't like your arrogance: saying that you're a "smart guy" and that someone else's perspective is "stupid" and "pathetic" and THEN saying that "Jesus is your Lord and Savior". That is just not a good representation of christianity, and to say that we are called to be salt and light to the world!

      I strongly suggest that you go read the letter 1John in your New Testament, and I pray that your character may be molded into the person that Christ has made you to be, through his righteousness and sanctification.

      "Whoever says, "I know him", but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person. But if anyone obeys his words, love for God is truly made complete in him: Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did." (2:3-6)

      "Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoeever does not love does not know God, because God is love. This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him. This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another..." (4:7-11)

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