Sunday, August 1, 2010

Inception movie meaning explanation

I want to write a *big* post for this movie but unfortunately my Internet us acting up so I'll just post the following points (a quick summary of what it means) -

Alright, after thinking about it (inception) more and reading up on the Internet, I've finally finalized my views -

1) I always had a strong idea that Cobb wants to "escape" this "reality" in which he's away from his kids etc, so he does inception in his own mind - that after this mission he'll be back with his kids -, so the inception is going on in Cobbs mind. 

2) I felt that his wife was right about being in a dream and him not knowing it! Probably she died and woke up but Cobb doesn't accept that he's dreaming and is still stuck (he's unsure if he's dreaming or not but doesn't want to die, just in case it's real and he's too deep for kicks to work not necessarily -could be that the wife actually died but the main argument about Cobb being in dream holds). This means the whole movie is basically Cobb's dream. This is corroborrated by stuff like - he getting stuck between two walls (does it ever happen in real world!!), his teacher asking him to wake up, his own projections (as his wife) telling him that he's dreaming etc - unlikely/dreamlike stuff that happens in his "reality" . 

3) Fourth level is actually limbo...that's where Fischer went after "dying" in 3rd level (snowy place). They see *only* Cobb's buildings etc because he's the only one who's been in limbo (where he and wife created a new world etc). Yupp, many people didn't get it and still think that when Cobb and tts architect girl are walking the "city" it's not limbo - Yes sir, everything after (or deeper than) the snow fortress is actually limbo!

4) Basically, the whole movie is Cobb's dream and the motive is to help him relieve the pain that he's in by letting him be with the kids. His subconscious knows this and keeps asking him to "wake up" (as his teacher, as his wife etc). 

5) As for the Fischer story, that basically helps Cobb plant the thought on his own head (because he did something almost impossible convinces his subconscious that it can be done). 

I didn't think much of why Fischer goes into godfather's head (etc) problem as it's all Cobb's dream probably so all that is needed is that Cobb is convinced that it worked. But I'll explore this further later on probably. 

Oooh that was a ling one! But now I'm much more convinced that the inception is about Cobb's mind and all of it probably is just his dream